OUTRE Colorbomb Synthetic Lace Front Wig - ZAHARA

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Outre Color Bomb Synthetic Lace Front Wig - ZAHARA






Now you can try all of the bomb looks that celebrity baddies and the biggest social media influencers have been flaunting everywhere with COLORBOMB!

Get into the salon-quality colors that can’t be found anywhere else for a price that lets you kill it with a new COLORBOMB style every day of the week.


Available Colors : 

1B, 3CR-Alaskan-Sunset, 3CR-Purple-Peach-Melt

3DR_SUNBEAM, 3DR-Violet-Orchid

MC-Deep-Cosmos, MC-Muted-Rainbow-Pastel

MC-Pink-Blossom, MC-Sun-Fire

(In order of color option)


Hair Material: Synthetic

Lace Type: Lace Front

Texture: Wavy


Key Features: 

Premium Synthetic Fibers

Selfie-Worthy Styles

Salon-Quality Colors

Soft Swiss Lace

Natural Baby Hairs


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