Torino Wave Brush Collection

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Torino Pro #640 soft brush - This is a soft brush and is identical to the TP460 if you're familiar. There are 3 soft Curve Long Handles in the Overkill Part 2 (#640 #580 #590); I wanted to make another soft brush with the same feel as the #460 but also wanted to give it a unique look. The TP640 is softer than the #580 but firmer than the #590, so it's in between. 

Torino Pro #350 medium brush - The TP350 is a medium curve brush. The previously released brush has been restocked and it's firmer than the 550 and 490 but softer than the 610 and 630. This brush is a true texture medium and has been one of the most requested brushes along with the 490.
TORINO PRO #1640 medium brush - Disclaimer: This brush is two-toned, with black on the front and cream on the back; you will receive one brush with your order. Remember the Duet Collection from the Torino Pro Fatality release? Well, it's back! This patented 360 wave brush is a curved MEDIUM long handle brush and with a twist! The ice cream sandwich, as the wave game referred to these types of bristles when Brush King released the Royalty 790, is back and better than ever! Brush King combined the duet collections with his double colored bristles, to create a double duet. This is the first time this has has ever been done on a Torino Pro AND a curved brush. Top white bristles are medium; middle black bristles are medium; bottom white bristles are medium. 

TORINO PRO #1990 medium brush - This 360 wave curve brush is a medium wave brush with 100% boar bristles. For reference, this brush is similar to the TP1520. This brush is great on all stages from fresh cut to wolfing. This brush is not the firmest of the mediums in the lineup; there are about 13 different mediums. From hardest to softest, the medium selection goes as follows: TP490; TP1520; TP1990; TP1640; TP350; TP1920; TP1980; TP550; TP520; TP1960; TP630; TP1710; TP1930. You can pick according to what brush you already own and decide if you want to go up or down in firmness. 

Torino Pro #570 medium hard brush  - This is a medium hard. The #600 is firmer than the #570 and also firmer than the #450.The #970 is the firmest of all. So the #570 is the "softest" of all the medium hards in this line up.
From hardest to softest this is how these brushes feel > 970, 600, 570 <
The #570 has really good pull but also won't hurt your scalp.
TORINO PRO #470 hard brush - A Thick/Coarse Hair Waver's Dream! WARNING! This is an EXTREMELY HARD Brush! Tame Your Wolf and Reach the Scalp. AMAZING PULL, Which Helps with Shifting, Connections & Depth. TP 470 Works ALL Layers of the Hair. The CURVE Contours to the Shape of Your Head for Better Grip, Better Pull & More Coverage Which Means Faster Results! The POINTY TIP Isolates the Crown of Your Hair (Swirl or Beehive) for Better Development. NOT FOR Fresh Cuts or Tender Headed Wavers.


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