Camille Rose Black Cator Oil + Chebe Buttercream

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Camille Rose Black Cator Oil + Chebe Buttercream 


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Product details

Camille Rose Black Castor Oil & Chebe Buttercream - 8 oz 

The Black Castor Oil + Chebe Collection from Camille Rose is to amplify the strengthening power of African Chebe Powder with the healing and growth properties of Jamaican Black Castor Oil! Escape from the stress of every day with a full suite of infused oil blends crafted to cleanse, condition, nourish, style, and treat all hair types. Known for its intense strengthening properties, Chebe powder is a natural beauty superpower derived from cherry seeds, cloves, and lavender crotons that are combined to promote and retain luscious, healthy hair growth. When blended with the potent healing properties of Black Castor Oil, a new kind of haircare revival is born.

  • Restores moisture
  • Set styles in place
  • Provides shine
  • For thicker textures
  • Rich oil-cream butter

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