Diane Lint Roller 60 ct./Roll

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Diane 9.75" Extra Wide Tooth Shampoo Comb 


This Diane Extra Wide Tooth Shampoo Comb is perfect for use while showering to spread shampoo, conditioner or other product evenly throughout your hair, or use after showering to neaten and detangle wet hair. It also massages your scalp with use. Men and women can use it on wet, damp, or dry hair. Enjoy a premium quality styling tool with sturdy design and thick wide teeth that glides perfectly through thick, curly hair of any length without breaking. What?s more, this comb is specially made with negative ions to reduce static for easy grooming.



Product details

  • SHOWER COMB: The Diane Shampoo Comb helps prevent hair damage with its wide teeth design; It also massages the scalp and evenly spreads conditioner or other product throughout hair
  • MULTI-USES: This wide tooth comb with its thick handle is used for evenly distributing conditioner or other product, and detangling and sectioning thick and curly hair
  • ANTI-STATIC: This wide tooth comb’s negative ions reduce static to make your hair softer, shinier, and easier to style
  • SIZE: Sold as a single comb in Black, which measures 9;75 inches long
  • DURABLE: The comb is made with thick, sturdy plastic with thick, wide teeth that hold up against very curly, coarse and textured hair without breaking