Magic Collection Easy Dreadlock Needle 0.75mm

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Magic Collection Easy Dreadlock Needle

This dreadlock crochet needle will help style and define your dreadlocks. It strengthens and holds its shape linger. Can be used on existing hair or extensions, and can be used to touch up on twists, roots, etc.



Available Types:

Dreadlock Needle [1 Hook]

Dreadlock Needle [2 Hook]

Dreadlock Needle [3 Hook]

Trio Set [#SKILL08SET]




- Hassle Free/Faster and Easier

- 0.75MM Dreadlock Weaving Needle with Comfort Grip

- Colors - Red, Hot Pink, Yellow, Orange, Light Blue.

** Colors received will vary.


Single Prong : Touch up and Detailing

Double Prong : Short to Medium Hair

Triple Prong : Long and Thick Dreads



Expert Tips

  1. Separate the hair into sections.
  2. Comb the section of hair up towards the scalp with a dread comb
  3. Push a crochet needle through the hair to loop it further
  4. Tie rubber bands on the end and root of the loc
  5. Apply dread cream to the loc
  6. Roll the loc in between the palms of your hands
  7. Repeat the process on the rest of the hair



  • Do not rub too hard on the skin
  • Do not use if skin is broken or swollen
  • In case of circulatory impairment or diabetes, consult your physician prior to use

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