MIELLE Rice Water Hydrating Shampoo

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What is Rice Water?

Rice water is traditionally used in many cultures by women with long, healthy hair. It was an ancient tradition in Japan and the women used it to care for their thick, floor-length hair. Plain rice water was also used by Chinese women for healthy hair growth and hair that didn’t lose its color well into old age.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find influencers on YouTube and TikTok raving about this ancient hair care remedy and making videos about how to use rice water for hair. They say using rice water for hair growth has made their hair grow so fast and become so thick and shiny, often in a matter of weeks.


Product details

MIELLE Rice Water Hydrating Shampoo - 12 oz

Ingredients such as rice water and yuzu are the secret to not only strengthening the hair but improving hair growth, adding shine and reducing split ends. This shampoo not only smells amazing but will give your hair the boost it needs and deserves.


Apply a generous amount of our Rice Water Hydrating Shampoo onto hands and massage into wet hair and scalp until lathers. For best results shampoo twice. Follow up with our Rice Water Clay Masque and other great products made with rice water for hair.

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