ZOTOS All About Curls Lo-Lather Cleanser

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ZOTOS All About Curls Lo-Lather Cleanser

Essential Moisture | Gentle Cleansing | All Curly Hair Types



❤ ZOTOS All About Curls Lo-Lather Cleanser

All About Curls's Lo-Lather Cleanser is a color-safe, slightly sudsy cleanser, formulated without SLS/SLES Sulfates*, Silicones and Parbens, that gently cleanses all curl types while adding major moisture for soft, smooth, de-frizzed curls. It also strengthens hair, making it over 3X more resistant to breaking**. Its light on the foam, heavy on the fabulous. 

*SLS/SLES sulfates = Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate 
**Against combing breakage when using All About Curls Lo Lather Cleanser and either the All About Curls Daily Cream Conditioner or Divine Treatment on damaged hair vs a non conditioning shampoo

What makes it special?
  • Free of SLS/SLES sulfates*, silicones & parabens
  • Ideal for all curl types: that crave thorough yet gentle cleansing with mild lather plus hydration
  • Color-safe

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